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We all want to know what to do about crime. Here’s a task that Hobson plans to do the day he takes office. Create a special police unit that mirrors Elliot Ness and the Untouchables of the Al Capone Era. These officers will come from the existing police ranks. We plan to go after drug dealers first, identify them and Hobson will personally tell them to leave town in 5 days or we are going to come and get you. If they wish to cooperate with the police we will protect them when they reveal their source or suppliers-the pusher’s suppliers. We will also plan to have a place that will seed entrepreneur values to most of these young people to channel some of that rage and lack of parental guidance toward financial rewards for hard work. We don’t need any programs or taxes of any kind to do this. Hobson has had probably more experience working with youth than most people in Montgomery.  And he was never paid or asked to be paid. Volunteers make the best workers. More to come on this