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Hobson will try to explain issues and proposals where you can understand what our city officials are doing to us in a way that you can understand. Here’s the first interview that Hobson has given since the Jill Nolan interview for the Advertiser his first mayor’s race. I always explain why I don’t give certain media information. President Trump Calls it Fake News. Now that WSFA has been sold I’ll think about it. This one is a little different than the print. The newspaper print version. Hobson was asked if he thought he could do something about all the issues we discussed as mayor. He answered we will at least talk about it. We just let it go because in involves so many of our fellow citizens and neighbors. SO WE JUST LIVE IN DENILE. When the Nazis were in charge the whole country was broken down like this. One Third killed one third the other third watched. Some said they were just doing their Job.