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Hobson Cox longtime business owner here in Montgomery, Alabama wants to be your next mayor.

Hobson a Native of Alabama will take Montgomery Alabama to the next level in any area we want to go.

Hobson will create a way using technology to listen to you the citizens of Montgomery Al. He calls it Electronic Democracy, The way this election is held there's never enough time to explain this. It won't be binding but a way to be heard and your council person will have a consensus from his constituents on how he or she should Vote on all issues before the Montgomery City Council. This would slow the process down and eliminate the Lobbyist and Special Interest. Real simple you present the idea or proposal one week then at the next meeting you vote. The mayor has the results of the poll from the council person’s constituents, and asks how you are going to vote counselor. This is one of the Engineering Approaches Hobson has to improve our city government. I have spoken out on the Unregulated Gambling. I can’t count the number of people that have warned me that I will probably be killed. As long as we talk about it will be very public. Hobson is not against Gambling. He just wants it legal and regulated. Alabama doesn’t have a regulatory board or anything to police this business type. Just a slight oversight.